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Nov 05 2019

The Way’s Feedback Method

What’s all the fuss about this feedback method that looks so promising it almost sounds magical? Oh, well, there was actually a time when we told our students that if they carried out the second phase of The Way’s Feedback Method, they would see how the magic worked. So even though it may sound far-fetched, the truth is that The Way’s Feedback Method is a really effective system to help students get rid of their fossilized mistakes, and thus see their confidence rocket. Because let’s be clear about this, it is indeed the amount of mistakes that we make what keeps us from feeling and showing more confident. When you are worried about how well or not so well you are expressing yourself, you simply can’t give the best of your knowledge, you can’t show off in exams, and you definitely won’t sound yourself until you can focus on the ideas you want to convey over the how to express them.

So here it is, a proven method that works magic in seeing mistakes vanish and helping students focus on what to focus to improve faster than ever.



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