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Based on the Latest Research on Neurodidactics.

Thanks to breakthroughs in neuroscience in the last two decades, we now know how the brain responds during learning, allowing us to design learning experiences that make the learning process more effective and lasting, creating networks of durable long-term memory.

Time saving

Every time you download a worksheet from The Way Experience you are saving yourself between 2 and 5 hours of work or study.

Unique Linguistic Mediation Resources

Original downloadable worksheets to complement your teaching.

Easy to apply Methodology

Innovative mediation materials following CEFR guidelines.

Innovation and Effectiveness for real life communication

Authentic communicative situation lessons so students can produce the type of language they are expected to use in a certification exam and in real life.

Measurable results from week 3

Highly effective Feedback Method. Learners see their habitual mistakes disappear from week 3. And it's not MAGIC! It's SCIENCE.

And what's more...

  • Lingüistic Mediation with exclusive and original resources. 


  • Highly Effective Speaking, Listening, and Reading Resources. 


  • Feedback Method with training. See learners’ habitual mistakes start to vanish from the third week.


  • Real-life Sources from A1 through to B2


  • Exclusive real-life downloadable resources.  


  • Resources are classified according to CEFR standards.


  • Specification per level A1 – A2 – B1 – B2. 


8.08 € / month
12.25 € / month
  • Mediation Resources
  • Speaking Worksheets
  • Listenings (Recently added)
  • Readings (Recently added)
  • Feedback Method
  • Extra materials with games and integrated tasks.
  • All CEFR levels A1 through to B2.

Unique and original training courses in which we share all our secrets with your organization.
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