The Way’s Method

Be inspired by our original, yet simple method to boost your students' performance.

Our Method

The Way’s method is all about gaining confidence as a speaker of a foreign language, by reducing fossilized mistakes with continuous and well-organized feedback, together with original materials to boost students’ confidence.

Original downloadable worksheets to complement your teaching.

Time-saving lessons. Ready to use teaching plans that make your life easier.

Innovative mediation materials following CEFR guidelines.

Authentic communicative situation lessons so students can produce the type of language they are expected to use in a certification exam and in real life.

Engage your students with personalized feedback and materials with the kind of language that they need to activate for their certification exams.

The method aims at:

  • Boosting speakers’ confidence by highlighting what they already do very well.
  • Minimizing the amount of fossilized mistakes speakers make.
  • Widening speakers’ active structures and vocabulary.

for teachers

  • A reliable method to complement your speaking lessons
  • Real time-saving worksheets covering a high number of topics
  • Teacher Feedback Template for note-taking
  • English-English and Spanish-English mediation materials following CEFR guidelines
  • Ideal training for students in certification exams
  • Extra Materials for Speaking Skills practice

Benefits for your students

  • Real training for certification exams
  • EOI, Cambridge, Trinity, IELTS, TOEFL
  • Personal feedback to improve their speaking faster than ever
  • My Way Witnessing Chart to get rid of their fossilized mistakes for good
  • Activation of self-correction strategies and mistake awareness
  • One-page worksheets to easily revise topics at a glance
  • In-context grammar that suits their level allowing them to show off during exams
  • Topic-related vocabulary expansion
  • Confidence-building strategies to enhance production

Our students already know and understand a wide array of structures and vocabulary that are appropriate to their level. However, when it comes to speaking, they seem to forget a great deal of it and tend to resort to more basic structures than they should be using at that stage of their learning process.

With our materials, students will activate their passive knowledge. Through training and practice, that is, thinking and talking in the foreign language, we can move knowledge into the active area, making our learning more effective. At the end of the day, that is our ultimate goal.

Topic worksheets

with the kind of language they need to activate to speak about a given topic in any real-life situation or in certification exams.

  • Teacher’s Worksheet with questions to get your students talking and several areas of content on each topic.
  • Student’s Worksheet with several areas of content on each topic to make sure students master the kind of language they need to talk confidently.

Feedback templates

  • Teacher’s Feedback Template for the teacher to take structured notes for each student.
  • My Way Witnessing Chart, a comprehensive chart that matches the Teacher’s Feedback Template, but with a different format, for students to keep a record of the aspects they are improving.

Mediation materials 

to complement your teaching with linguistic mediation as outlined in the CEFR.

  • Teacher’s Worksheet with instructions for the teacher, answers to pre-mediation revision exercises, timing and the mediation practice.
  • Student’s Worksheet with pre-mediation revision exercises, the mediation practice and tips on how to make the most of their mediation experience.
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