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Steve Oakes - Co-writer of Speak Out (Pearson)
I came across ‘The Way’ recently when working on some teaching materials, and it’s been a total game-changer for me in terms of understanding the potential that mediation has in developing a language learner’s communication skills; it has also given me specific frameworks and techniques, as well as ready-to-use materials that make it possible for me to bring all of this into the classroom. I have to admit that until I discovered ‘The Way’ I thought of mediation essentially as an exam task. True, mediation does feature on quite a few national exams, and the method and materials offered by ‘The Way’ are an essential go-to for any teacher helping students prepare for the mediation paper of an exam. But for me the greatest revelation has been this new-found recognition that mediation has a place at the core of everyday language teaching. The creators of The Way clearly understand how the communication-focused, integrated and real-life nature of mediation offers a path towards greater fluency, confidence and an ability to actually use the language. No wonder it’s called ‘The Way’.

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