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The world of truffle


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In this C2 Spanish-English Mediation Activity, students are asked to help a local guide and an American tourist understand each other and learn about truffle. It is a C2 level cross-linguistic (Spanish-English) mediation task that blends mediating texts and mediating communication.

In the pre-mediation section, students work on the passive voice with reporting verbs.

As part of their strategy training, students learn how to adapt the language with highly specific words.

Students A and B have different sources of information, so they can both act as mediators in different rounds.

This mediation activity is excellent to train several mediation strategies and microskills:

  • rephrasing
  • streamlining a text
  • selecting the key ideas
  • explaining cultural differences
  • choose what’s relevant for their interlocutor
  • adapting the language with highly specific words
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