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This is a selection of Mediation Summary Tasks for Exams for freemium users. If this is your case, you can download and use these mediation tasks in your lessons and give them to your students. If you are thinking about upgrading to Gold or Silver, this is the best moment to do so, as our unique exam pack will only be available for new users until the end of May 2020.

We really hope you are finding The Way’s materials useful and inspiring.

And also saving lots of hours in the creation of mediation materials and speaking worksheets.



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Filing a Tax Return (Intra-Oral)


This C2 Intralinguistic (English-English) Oral Mediation Task depicts a current real-life administrative procedure that we face every year. The situation describes the interaction between a non-proficient speaker of English and someone called Sherman Moten, When the moment comes to file…

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What the mind of the man can conceive… Entrepreneurship and Dream Pursuing


In this C2 Speaking Worksheet students talk about entrepreneurship, self-employment, startups, creating one’s business, in short, pursuing one’s dream in the professional arena and making a living out of one’s work, passion, and creation, and whether this is feasible or…

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The Wealth of People. Frugality and Lavishness


In this C2 Speaking Worksheet students talk about money, financial independence, and consumerism, wealth vs. income, living below or beyond one’s means and giving in to materialism Students are introduced to C2 Grammar contents like the use of “how” to…

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Making Yourself at Home. Getting on the Property Ladder


In this C2 Speaking Worksheet students talk about different topics that have to do with being able to rent or buy a home and get on the property ladder, as well as other topics such as making a house our home,…

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