Food for thought

Food for thought

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In this B2 Speaking Worksheet students talk about food.

Students revise Grammar contents like comparative structures with so + adjective, (far) too + adjective and (much) too + adjective and the passive voice. In the section of Speaking skills, they look at vague language and at ways to express preference.

Some phrasal verbs are given to help them provide a more accurate discourse when they are talking about food, eating and cooking habits and organic food among other aspects, together with intermediate-level vocabulary. Common idioms are also introduced so students become familiar with them.

This B2 speaking activity includes speaking questions about food to get your students talking, so they integrate all the contents on the worksheet while they speak.

You can also download the teacher and student’s feedback templates at the bottom of the downloads box. With them, you will be able to give your students well-structured individual feedback to take home.

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