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This is our C2 MEDIATION EXAM PACK 2020. All institutional subscribers with an active subscription before the end of March 2020 are able to enjoy this Bonus Mediation Exam Pack that comes with a guide for the evaluator per task, making it so much easier and enjoyable for teachers to implement mediation in their lessons and exams. This pack consists of intralinguistic and cross-linguistic oral and written mediation tasks. 

The tasks have been designed so they can be used in the mid-year exams as training both for students and for teachers, as they are accompanied by a guide for the evaluator that we are sure you will appreciate.

The Mediation Guide for the Evaluator defines the mediation strategies and microskills that students are likely to use as they carry out their mediation task. It also includes several questions to make the evaluator reflect on the produced mediated message as well as on the kind of language that students use, as what we can expect from them varies greatly from a cross-linguistic to an intralinguistic task.

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