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Confusing News

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This is a cross-linguistic (Spanish-English) C2 Oral Mediation Task.

In “Confusing News”, students are asked to summarize a 400-word article about Covid and a theory believed by some about its non-existence. They’ll need to help a friend reach a conclusion as to what the headline really means and understand the main ideas contained in the article.

As you will see, it differs slightly from more conventional mediation tasks, as it has been designed to test students’ ability to summarize and to clarify a headline that contains potentially misleading information for someone who is not proficient in Spanish.

As students naturally activate other mediation strategies and microskills when they are summarizing, these have also been outlined in the Guide for the Evaluator.

You can find out more about the benefits of including SUMMARIES in your teaching plan in this article on The Way’s Blog:

“Why you should include Summaries in your teaching practice” 


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