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Bucket List

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We adore this topic! It is an endless source of conversation with students, I mean, who doesn’t like to daydream about the many things they’d love to do at some point in their lives.

So this C1 Unit combines Mediation and Speaking, plus phrasal verbs introduction, revision and practice so you can have your students work on two Language Activities on the same topic, giving more consistency to your lesson plan.

Let’s get started!!

The first part of the unit is this video by Sebastian Terry. Play up to minute 4, so students watch the introduction. If they are interested in the topic and curious about what else Seb can tell them, they can always watch the rest at home.



Hand out the Mediation Worksheet below, Bucket List, about the story behind www.100things.com.au

Have your students follow the instructions on it, and as a follow-up exercise ask them to do the Written mediation exercise on the last page of the worksheet.

To complement this Mediation Task, you can download the Let’s Get Talking! Worksheet Phrasal verbs to inspire: Bucket List, also available below.

It is the perfect activity to get them to use phrasal verbs 100% naturally by activating them in conversation with inspiring questions and topics that engage them.

And last but not least, ask your students to go to www.100things.com.au, take a look at what thousands of people are putting into their Bucket Lists, and maybe join them in sharing their own.

What better way to integrate the language than interacting in the real world?!

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