An apple a day

An apple a day

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In this B1 Speaking Activity students talk about Health.

Students revise grammar contents like the present perfect continuous, the contrast between past simple continuous and past simple, frequency adverbs and expressions and impersonal sentences with «you». In the section of Speaking skills, they look at how to express strong dislike, how to show concern, and at ways to involve your interlocutor in the conversation.

Some B1 phrasal verbs to talk about health are given to help them provide a more accurate discourse when they talk about their health, together with B1 level health vocabulary. B1 level idioms and expressions are also introduced, so students become familiar with them.

This speaking activity includes speaking questions about health to get your students talking. This way, they will integrate all the contents on their worksheet while they talk.

You can also download the teacher and student’s feedback templates at the bottom of the download box. With them, you will be able to give your students well-structured individual feedback to take home.


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