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Screen Time

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This B1 English-English Mediation Exam Task is part of our MEDIATION EXAM PACK 2020. All institutional subscribers with an active subscription before the end of March 2020 will be able to enjoy this Bonus Mediation Exam Pack that comes with a guide for the evaluator per task, making it so much easier and enjoyable for teachers to implement mediation in their lessons and exams. This pack consists of 6 oral mediation tasks per level, B1 – C2, and two written mediation tasks. 

The tasks have been designed so they can be used in the mid-year exams as training both for students and for teachers, as they are accompanied by a guide for the evaluator that we are sure you will appreciate.

“Screen Time” is an intralinguistic (English-English) B1 mediation exam task in which students are asked to help a friend understand some tips about how the time we spend looking at a screen affects us today.

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