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Circular economy


In this C1 English-English Mediation Worksheet students are asked to help a fresher understand the key underlying aspects of Circular Economy for businesses in a project. It is a C1 intralinguistic (English-English) mediation task. As it is an exam training mediation task, the pre-mediation…

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Implications of Brexit


In this Spanish-English Oral Mediation Worksheet students mediate a poster that summarizes the implications of Brexit in the agri-food sector. They are asked to retell the most important bits of information to a foreign friend who works in the sector and…

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Entrepreneurs and Startups


In this C2 Speaking Worksheet students talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and about startups, a trendy business model. Students revise Grammar contents like cleft sentences, inversion and inserted subordinate clauses. In the section of Speaking skills, they look at emphasis with…

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