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  • Real training for Certification Exams (EOI, Cambridge, Trinity)
  • Personal feedback to improve their speaking faster than ever
  • My Way Witnessing Chart to get rid of their fossilized mistakes real quick
  • One-page worksheets to easily revise topics at a glance

Our topic worksheets cover many of the topics and subtopics your students need to master to speak confidently and accurately in all levels, from A1 through to C2.

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Our unique mediation materials cover both oral and written mediation to prepare your students for real life situations and for linguistic mediation tasks in exams.

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Our topic worksheets and mediation materials are a real time-saver to complement your lessons with speaking worksheets to activate your students’ passive knowledge and get them to show that they have mastered the contents corresponding to their level, from A1 through to C2.

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I came across ‘The Way’ recently when working on some teaching materials, and it’s been a total game-changer for me in terms of understanding the potential that mediation has in developing a language learner’s communication skills; it has also given me specific frameworks and techniques, as well as ready-to-use materials that make it possible for me to bring all of this into the classroom. I have to admit that until I discovered ‘The Way’ I thought of mediation essentially as an exam task. True, mediation does feature on quite a few national exams, and the method and materials offered by ‘The Way’ are an essential go-to for any teacher helping students prepare for the mediation paper of an exam. But for me the greatest revelation has been this new-found recognition that mediation has a place at the core of everyday language teaching. The creators of The Way clearly understand how the communication-focused, integrated and real-life nature of mediation offers a path towards greater fluency, confidence and an ability to actually use the language. No wonder it’s called ‘The Way’.

Steve Oakes - Co-writer of Speak Out (Pearson)


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