Bad Companies & Toxic Relations

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Bad Companies & Toxic Relations

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In this C2 Speaking Activitystudents talk about Relationships from the perspective of Bad Companies and Toxic Relations.

Students revise grammar contents like speculating with may, might, be likely & unlikely, the use of the pronoun “myself”, the use of ellipsis, and substitution.

On this worksheet we introduce the section of Common Expressions and Key Concepts, where they can find  ways to express opinions and the explanations to understand them well enough so they can use them with ease.

Some C2 phrasal verbs to talk about difficult relationsships are also given, like to feed off or lead someone astray, among others.

The C2 level vocabulary found on the worksheet  is arranged in three sections, that is, nouns, verbs, and adjectives that they will need to discuss the topic. Several idioms and common expressions are also introduced, so students become familiar with them.

This C2 Speaking activity includes speaking questions about their relations that turn or start toxic, why this happens, their attitude towards them, and their own experience and opinions in this matter. This way, they will integrate all the contents on their worksheet while they talk.

As a BONUS you can also download the teacher and student’s feedback templates at the bottom of the download box. With them, you have highly effective ready-to-use templates to give your students well-structured individual feedback to take home. Students rave about them because once they see how easily and consistently their fossilized mistakes start vanishing, they can’t get enough of these templates with personalized feedback.

To learn more about The Way’s Feedback Method, and how to make the most of it in your lessons we recommend watching this video: The Way’s Highly Effective Feedback Method.

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