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Nov 14 2019

The cultural component in The Way’s Method & Materials – The World of Truffle

How do you tackle the cultural component in Mediation in a way that is meaningful and that is connected to real-life, creating authentic situations and connecting people to meaningful learning?

The Way Experience does it all for you and helps you understand how to do it yourself 100% hassle-free.

Here you have a great example of how The Way does it, and we’re opening it for Freemium users for a limited time only.

In the V Congress of Food & Health in Aragón that will be held this weekend in Zaragoza, you’ll be able to enjoy some activities around black truffle, this priceless food so representative of Spanish culinary scene and culture.


Check out The Way´s Unit about this delicious food.

Open for freemium users for a limited period of time.

The World of Truffle C2

Open to Freemium users for a limited period of time.

Make sure you download it before it’s too late!!

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